Jan. 14th, 2017

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I don't like to write in a busy room or in a room where people are prone to reading over my shoulder. If I think someone is paying attention I get really self-conscious and I can't work through a thought properly. I start tryng to write based on what I think they think I should be writing, not where I think the idea should go or even less so, properly listening to where the characters want me to take the idea. So, I find it necessary to find "alone time" in which to write, which isn't something that I can get easily right now. It starts to show after a while, too. I get anxious and touchy, because I haven't had any time inside my head recently. On top of that, when I finally do have a little slice of alone in which to do something, I freeze up. I forget how to get the idea out again and it gets stuck. Writing takes practice and so does getting over the fear of writing. 
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 Ideas bouncing around in my big stupid head:
  • More shorts for Glitter & Chaos - god, that is getting super fun to write. i am so lame. 
  • where am I going next with Fireflies? The next part coming up is in my head - I know where I want to go next, but I don't have a word of it down yet. Also really considering what I'm doing there with the plot - I have several sub-things that are happening - how do I keep the focus on one theme? Do I want to keep the focus on one theme? i need to spend some time with that so I can really bring out the point I'm trying to make. 
  • Thinking about branching out into another sandbox - I have an orphanage/foster AU that's been forming in the back of my head. 
  • keeping notes - get better about getting ideas out somewhere I can go back and look at them when I need ideas or a direction on what to do when I do find that elusive free time. 
  • I get my meds refilled next week. yay!!


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